Absolute Grey - Tim Lee & Friends
July 4th, 1985
Rochester NY, USA

soundboard > Yamaha cassette deck > cassette master
> TASCAM CD-RW700 > cdr > EAC > HD > Soundforge (indexing only)
> flac frontend (sector boundaries aligned) (level 6)

-> remaster 2014 by hanwaker:
volume correction:
right channel +5 up to +7db
left channel +4 up to +5db
nothing else changed

Tim Lee: acoustic set
01. Intro
02. Changeless
03. Bad Sermonette

Tim Is Joined by Beth Brown, singing harmony
04. I'll Be There
05. All That Stuff
06. You Never Give Up

Tim is joined by Absolute Grey & Friends:
07. long tune up by Tim (unsuccessful) of guitar
borrowed from Chas (of 'Invisible Party')
08. Abigal's Ghost (cover of Green On Red song)
("dedicated to the Forgotten 7")
09. more tuning and 1 second of a song that implodes & is dropped
10. Glory (cover Tom Verlaine song)
11. Knocking On Heaven's Door
12. What Goes On (cover VU song)

Absolute Grey:
13. A Joke
14. What Remains
15. Perfect Life

the personnel on the Tim Lee/Absolute Grey & Friend's set is:
Tim Lee: vocals, guitar
Matt Kitchen: guitar
Pat Thomas: drums
Bob Martin: guitar
Chaz Lockwood: bass
Beth Brown: backing vocals on "Knocking On Heaven's Door"
various pals jumping on stage without notice
to add backing vocals

original earcandy upload to dime 2007 ?
from pat thomas archive
remastered re-upload by hanwaker 2014-07