Ace Frehley
The House of Blues (Showboat Casino)
Atlantic City, NJ
October 28th, 2011

Source: Zoom H2 (front mics, low cut on)
Transfer: SD flash card to PC (via file copy)> Soundforge > Flac

Recording/Show notes: Stood dead center, maybe 15'-20' from the stage. Had the H2 hanging around my neck, which I thought would have made for nice sound. I'm a little disappointed that the vocals sound really distant at points.There's quite a long delay after Strange Ways as Ace was having "technical difficulties" with his Les Paul. Trouble with the "smoking" function.

Regarding the show itself, I thought Ace had an off night...maybe something to do with the falling incident at BB King's a couple nights before? He wasn't horrible by any means, I just didn't think he was as good as he was when we saw him in March 2010 (same venue). And I don't know what his sound guys did between Ace coming on and the openers (The Biters). Even with ear plugs in, I could hear every word the Biter's singer sang and the guitars were very clear. Ace's vocals and guitar, not nearly as clear. Dunno if it was just a matter of cranking his amps up louder (AF was a ton louder than the Biters) or what. Anyway, this isn't a bad recording but I think I'd give it a B- at best.


01) Rocket Ride
02) Parasite
03) Sister
04) Snowblind / I Want You (Scot Coogan, vocals)
05) Rock Soldiers
06) Love Her All I Can (Anthony Esposito & Scot Coogan, vocals)
07) 2,000 Man
08) What's on Your Mind
09) She (Anthony Esposito & Scot Coogan, vocals)
10) Hard Times
11) New York Groove
12) Flaming Youth (Todd Youth, vocals)
13) Into The Void
14) Strange Ways (Anthony Esposito, vocals)
15) Shock Me w/Ace's solo
16) Shout It Out Loud

17) Deuce
18) Love Gun (Scot Coogan on vocals)
19) Cold Gin w/ Black Diamond outro

As always, feel free to trade but please do not buy or sell this recording. Do not convert to lossy formats or john s will get thrown out of the show.