Ace of Cups-July 12, 2019-Main Stage, Oregon Country Fair-Veneta, OR • Schoeps MK4 • DSP

Ace of Cups
Main Stage, Oregon Country Fair
Veneta, OR
July 12, 2019

Fileset: 16 bit/44.1 KHz

Source: Schoeps MK4s > Schoeps KCY 250/0 lg > Naiant IPA > Roland R-07 (24/48)
Location: FOB, DFC @ 6'Transfer: MixPre-6 > Apple Mac Mini > Audacity (trimming, normalizing, tracking) > Izotope RX-7 (audience noise reduction) > Audacity (parallel compression, tagging, dithering, downsampling) > Tag Editor > xAct (flac, FFP, replay gain).

Recorded and mastered by Chris Hecht. Thanks to Archival Audio for production assistance. Strictly for non-commercial use.

01. Feel Good
02. Stones
03. Grandma's Hands
04. Mama’s Love
05. Circles
06. Songs of Love and Freedom
07. Pepper in the Pot
08. Lucky Stars
09. Music

This was pltfb's second set of the day, after hours, once the fair was closed to the general public.

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