Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno
Pearl Street Club
Northampton MA USA

SBD-->IMIC-->HP Laptop-->Audition 1.5 (for recording and track editing)-->Flac Frontend

1. Anthem Of The Space
2. Trigger In Trigger Out
3. Pink Lady Lemonade
4. Pork Rind Jam ?
5. Om Riff From The Cosmic Inferno
6. NaNa HeyHey Goodbye

Tabata Mitsuru : bass, vocals, maratab
Higashi Hiroshi : electronics, dancin' king
Shimura Koji : drums, latino cool
Kawabata Makoto : guitars, speed guru
Unknown Second Drummer

This was the last show of the 2005 US tour, and also my birthday. As always, a mind bending experience/show. During the OM riff, the members of The Occasion jumped on stage; and a wild free for all occurred. Thanks to Justin, Makoto, & Hiroshi for convincing the club to let me record (the club had a strict policy of not letting any recordings take place). This is the raw mix from the soundboard. I still would like to remaster this show, but if I wait any longer to find time to do this, it will be a long wait. Maybe if anyone has suggestions on doing this email me.