Acid Mothers Temple
18th October 2012

Sony ECM 719 -> Sony M10
WAV edit in Cooledit 2000
CDWave for tracksplits

Wav files converted to FLAC with Traders Little Helper


1. Son of a bitches brew (16:15)
2. La le lo(?) (11:26)
3. Pink Lady Lemonade sequence pt 1 (18:45)
4. Pink Lady Lemonade sequence pt 2 (11:09)
5. Cometary Orbital Drive (15:06)
6. Encore - Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky (12:49)

Despite arriving at the venue very late and barely having time to soundcheck, Acid Mothers Temple put
on their usual blistering set.

Highlights included the horn which made an appearance during the first track. I'm guessing it's a
version of "Son of a Bitches Brew" based on the lyrics. But in true AMT style, it's difficult to tell!

The other highlight was the noise level. Always, always the loudest band. Amusingly, I was told that
Mono had just purchased a new PA and hadn't had much time to test it. Assuming it was still working
the next morning, it's safe to say the got a good one. Man it was loud.

To put the volume level in context, I normally record on the M10 with record level set somewhere between 7 and 9, depending on the show. For this gig I had to quickly drop the level to 4. Mono is not a large
venue and I was a good 15 metres from the stage. L-O-U-D.

Note about song titles - I'm not great with the names of AMT pieces, so apologies if I get any wrong!

As usual, Pink Lady Lemonade was the centrepiece. It started very quietly, before going into orbit. I've
split it into rough sections - there's a gap of 1 min between tracks 3 & 4 where there was a brief cut in the recording. I reckon the Pink Lady Lemonade section also includes the Om Riff.

As they left the stage for the first time, Kawabata threw his guitar ontop of his amp stack. He did
this again when they left after the encore, except this time it slid off the top and fell down the
back, between the amps and the wall. Ooops!

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