Acid Mothers Temple
Denver, CO

source: 4 Channel Matrix [SBD(rca out)>>>R-09]+[(onstage/split 10')Naiant X-O(omnis)>>>Oade T+ UA-5>>>R-09
lineage: R-09x2>>>PC>>>Wavelab>>>CD Wav>>>TLH>>>.flac>>>tagged in foobar2000 w/ live show tagger

taped, transferred, mixed, mastered and uploaded by Corey/KIND Recordings


01. Dark Star Blues In The Dazzling Sky
02. Benzaiten
03. Hi-Dive Jam->
04. Pink Lady Lemonade->
05. IAO Chant->
06. Pink Lady Lemonade
07. Untitled New Material->
08. Cosmic Orbital Drive


- Cosmo Saraswati Tour 2015
- thanks to Mitsuru Tabata for directly giving me the set list
- thanks to Nick at the Hi-Dive for the soundboard patch

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