Acid Mothers Temple
Toronto, The Garrison
April 16, 2019

Acid Mothers Temple
Makoto Kawabata - guitar
Hiroshi Higashi - synthesizer, theremin
Jyonson Tsu - electric guitar, electric bouzouki, vocals
Wolf - bass
Nani Satoshima - drums

01. Blue Velvet Blues
02. Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky
03. Chinese Flying Saucer
04. Pink Lady Lemonade
05. La Novia/Pink Lady Lemonade Reprise
06. Cometary Orbital Drive

TT: 1h 27m

DPA 4061 > Roland R-26 > Audiogate (downsample 24/96 to 16/44) > Audacity/Ozone 5/RX4 (editing, mastering) > CD Wave > TLH (flac, SBE)

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