Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO & BONG
Hare & Hounds
Birmingham, UK
2011.11.05 [Saturday]
Master Recording

equipment and programmes used:
mini disc mz-r55 [record volume level 6, low sens, stereo] >> core sound binaurals >> filter box >> mini disc mz-n520 >> sony soundforge (volume raise) >> wav >> track split in cd wave editor >> converted to flac level 8 in x-recode II

01 Intro [41s]
02 Chinese Flying Saucer [11m.03s]
03 La Novia [12m.10s]
04 Shine On You Crazy Dynamite [20m.18s]
05 Pink Lady Lemonade [You're So Sweet] [30m.05s]
06 Cometary Orbital Drive [17m.40s]
total: 1hr.31m.57s

01 [27m.12s]
02 [20m.14s]
total: 47m.26s

due to an md change theres some missing music (no more than a minute) and a little patchwork at around 29m.20s in pink lady lemonade - i was gonna leave it cut, but i think i caught just enough on the second md and thought id have a go at merging. there was a slight volume raise on the latter after i changed discs, so i had to find just the right spot to merge both files together - i think it sounds pretty good, hopefully you wont hear the join and its certainly better to have a somewhat full set
the show was particularly loud and i think i really pushed the rec. volume to the max, setting it at level 5, it kinda muffles a little, but not too much. the quieter vocal sections benefit. i think at rec. level 6 (which i normally set at) there would most definitely have been some disturbance
added fade-in/out to bongs set. i did this as jimi hendrix' spanish castle magic was playing as Mike was starting out so thought it better not to cut in and thought id do it at the end aswell. have left these untitled although im sure the first half is across the timestream from their beyond ancient space cd album on ritual productions
not listened to alot of the acid mothers these past few years, but managed to gather a setlist from listening to their new album and checking out some other recent sets of theirs. think i got it right, but if anyone could point out any need for update to this, please lemme know. the second track here is stunning, really blew me away - just great
onto the show; awesomeness! third time of seeing bong and they did not disappoint. first time of seeing the acid mothers and wow - why have i not been listening to these guys?! i think its one of the best shows ive been to. picked up their new album and bongs roadburn cd, both of which i heavily recommend


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got loads of other shows to share with you over the coming weeks, including:
melvins thekla bristol 2011.11.04 [me - to be transferred]
higuma cafe oto london 2011.11.11 [me - to be transferred]
nadja cafe oto london 2011.10.12 [phils bootlegs]
melvins electric ballroom london 2011.11.03 [phil bootlegs]
and hopefully
acid mothers temple corsica studios london 2011.11.17 [phils bootlegs]
barn owl hoxton sq bar and kitchen london 2011.11.19 [phils bootlegs]