Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
Night & Day Cafe
2012.10.21 [Sunday]

Tsuyama ATSUSHI � Bass, Horn, Vocals, Cosmic Joker
Tabata MITSURU - Guitar, Vocals, Maratab
Higashi HIROSHI � Synthesizer, Vocals, Dancin' King
Shimura KOJI � Drums, Latino Cool
Kawabata MAKOTO � Guitar, Vocals, Speed Guru

tracklisting & times
01 Freak-in / Son Of A Bitches Brew [14m.57s]
02 [17m.38s]
03 we're from outer space [3m.44s]
04 Pink Lady Lemonade [May I Drink You Once Again?] > Om Riff [28m.52s]
05 Cometary Orbital Drive > Out [13m.40s]
06 Chinese Flying Saucer > fade-out [9m.38s]

total time: 1hr.28m.29s

equipment and programmes used:
mini disc mz-r55 [record volume level 3, low sens, stereo] >> core sound binaurals >> filter box >> mini disc mz-n520 >> sony soundforge [volume raise, tack together + fade-out] >> wav >> track split in cd wave editor >> converted to flac level 8 in switch sound file converter
md5 in md5summer

recording & edit by t

first of three nights witnessing the acid mothers temple & the melting paraiso u.f.o. onslaught
tacked together during encore calls [before chine flying saucer] at roughly 1hr.18m.10s - theres probably 1-2m of the calls missing at this point due to the md change
first time id been up to manchester, so visiting the night & day cafe was a new venue for me - added to the list of many venues ive visited now
was very excited to be seeing the acid mothers again after their mind-blowing performance id witnessed last year in birmingham and they did not disappoint, performing a fantastic set starting with the title track from their new son of a bitches brew record. anyone recognise the second number?
was well pleased when they pulled out cometary orbital drive which is one of my favourite pieces - recording seems to wobble a little and that is because im grooving yeh baby
such a great night of music, i feel uplifted and tomorrow im off to london for two more evenings of the same


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