Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
Cafe OTO
2011.10.14 [Monday]

Acid Mothers
Atsushi TSUYAMA � Bass, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Cosmic Joker
Tabata MITSURU - Guitar, Vocals, Maratab
Hiroshi HIGASHI � Synthesizer, Guitar, Vocals, Dancin' King
Koji SHIMURA � Drums, Latino Cool
Makoto KAWABATA � Guitar, Vocals, Speed Guru

"sorry we cannot play the experimental music... only rock'n'roll"

tracklisting & times:
01 in ['29]
02 [20'22]
03 tune-up [1'31]
04 [10'34]
05 La N�via [feat. "Night In White Satin"] [17'57]
06 interlude [1'31]
07 Pink Lady Lemonade [I Wanna Drink You] [feat. Pink floyd "Interstellar Overdrive"] [23'55]
08 out ['48]

total time: 1'17'07

equipment & programmes:
zoom h2 digital recorder with internal microphone wav 48/24 to 44/16 in switch sound converter >
track split in cd wave editor > flac level 8 in switch sound file converter
md5 created in md5 summer

recording by phil mackie, edit by t

a long extended psychedelium jam accompanied by a liquid light show by Julian Hand
recording a little fuzzy in the louder sections, but doesnt really affect playback that much
just love the quintet vocals on la novia!

net: - photos by mr pontius pilatus

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