Acid Mothers Temple
April 26th, 2014
King's Barcade
Raleigh, NC

Roland Edirol R-09 (onboard mics, low-cut on, AGC off) > WaveLab (SL-1 StereoExpander (100%) + EQ-1 (441.0 and below reduced -6.0dB) + levels normalized) > CDWAV (tracks split and saved as .FLAC level 8 ) > foobar2000 (ReplayGain)

Location: Ledge immediately to the right of the soundboard.

Taper: ZaPenguin (zappa.penguin(AT) or

SOUND QUALITY: A-. Would probably give this an A-/B+ if I hadn't just given two other recordings that exact same grade. I've hit my breaking point!! A bit of low-end fuzz, but the drums sound really, really nice, so I'll close my eyes and bump it up a notch.

Tsuyama Atsushi: monster bass, voice, cosmic joker
Tabata Mitsuru: guitar, maratab
Higashi Hiroshi: synth, guitar, voice, dancin'king
Shimura Koji: drums, latino cool
Kawabata Makoto: guitar, voice, speed guru

01. Opening Jam [8:15]
02. Unknown Song #1 [15:56]
03. tuning [0:31]
04. Kawabata's Pink Reflections [4:28]
05. Pink Lady Lemonade [10:15]
06. Om Riff [9:05]
07. Pink Lady Lemonade [4:29]
08. tuning [0:26]
09. Cometary Orbital Drive > Speed Guru [12:08]
10. crowd begs for more [2:07]
11. tuning & the search for direction [0:40]
12. Eleking the Improvisation [5:50]

Track 12 was confirmed as an improvisation by Tsuyama, though it clearly derives from Eleking the Clay. Tabata shot a panicked look across the stage as Kawabata launched into the riff, so it's quite possible the improvisatory nature of the piece stemmed from his unfamiliarity with that song.

"Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. (and subsequent offshoots) is a Japanese psychedelic band founded in 1995 by members of the Acid Mothers Temple soul-collective. The band is led by guitarist Kawabata Makoto and early in their career featured many musicians but by 2004 the line-up had coalesced with 4 core members and frequent vocal guests.

The band have a reputation for phenomenal live shows, and releasing frequent albums on a number of international record labels, as well as the Acid Mothers Temple family record label which was established in 1998 to document the activities of the whole collective."
- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which every 14 year old has edited.


A great - if short - and quite well documented show. In addition to this recording, there was an altogether more imposing rig being used to create a recording that will no doubt blow this one away in terms of fidelity (manned by J.T. Lucchesi, whose North Carolina recordings from 2010 and 2012 are available on, as well as a third recording, the details of which shall be kept close to this taper's vest, awaiting The Correct Moment.

The highlight here is, without a doubt, the encore. It took two minutes of sustained cheering - and no doubt some groaning from the band backstage - but just as the house music came on and the fans looked ready to cry, the band wandered back and proceeded to blow the crowd's minds one final time. During the encore, the stage lights shut off for about a minute, but the band continued undaunted, as if saying "you wanted an encore, you're gonna get an encore".

Even with the encore, the show barely stretched past the 70-minute mark - I suppose this would be my one complaint as an audience member.

Do not sell this recording. Do not buy this recording. Do not sell this recording, then buy it from yourself.

North Carolina Noise Cadets - Nuturing Cheers

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