Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO
The Attic Adelaide University Campus.
South Australi.2019-03-10
Setlist ( may not be accurate )
1.Introduction > microphone tantrums.
2.Anthem of the Inner Space.
3.Flying Teapot
5.Pink Lady Lemonade
7. White summer song.
9 applause
10 Cometary Orbital Drive
The omens were bad , as the sound crew seemed to be incompetent and the start was delayed by 20 minutes as the keyboards would not work, then there were issues with mics not being turned on, which led to Kawabata having a meltdown , throwing a mic stand around and hurling a mic into the floor.This served to gee up the band and the opening number was savage and intense. Despite the issues,the sound was very good ( apart from a few ragged bits early on ) and the tape is about average audience quality for such a heavy band recorded with mid range gear.

Fiery energetic set with many flashes of brilliance. Amazing band.audience are generally quiet.

Lineage: About 5 metres back from left side of PA.
SP CMC-8-25 >Sony-PCM-M10> SP battery Box> wav file 16 bit > Mac Pro> Audition (volume adjustments,tone down applause > xact flac transfer
. recorded. mastered and transferred by GGB

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