Acoustic Endeavors
02/19/12 - Sunday - ~3:05 PM
Roanoke Performing Arts Theatre, Roanoke, VA

01. Sittin' Here Wonderin'
02. Instrumental
03. Goodbyes
04. This Road Alone
05. banter
06. Tennessee Iris
07. Tongue Tied
08. Old Joe Clark*
09. Keep on the Sunny Side of Life*
10. Outro

* - w/Butch Robbins(banjo)

Source: CA-CAFs(Omnis/~21 cm) > STC-9000 > DR-05(LineIn) > Audacity1.3.11b(peaks reduced, noise removal, amplified to -.01db, dithered/resampled) > WAV(16bit/44.1khz) > CD Wave Editor(tracked) > FLAC8(TLH) > Foobar2000(tagged)

Location: Orchestra, Row Q, Seat 14

Notes: The event was a benefit for local mandolin player Herschel Sizemore and his wife. If you enjoy this artist or recording, please purchase the professional DVD of the event, Herschel Sizemore: Mandolin in B, which can be found on Amazon(link is below). There are also several URLs with information on the event. Audacity noise removal performed 10db @ 100hz. There's some scuffling and my dad and I talking at the start of the recording.