Acoustic Fun Orchestra – Staufen i.Br. (Germany) – June 22, 2003 *** Rocking The Crown

Artist: Acoustic Fun Orchestra
Style: Acoustic / Rock / Pop / Cover
Date: Sunday, June 22, 2003 (2003-06-22)
City: Staufen i.Br.
Country: Germany
Venue: Kronenplatz
CD Title: Rocking The Crown

The Acoustic Fun Orchestra is a side project of the band The Brothers. Their repertoire is mainly based on cover songs from well known artists such as Phil Collins, Madonna, Queen, Herbert Grönemeyer, Tom Petty, The Police, Yes, John Miles, Oasis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Joe Cocker, Tom Jones, Spice Girls, Die Ärzte, Kiss, Nena, AC DC, Backstreet Boys etc.. The main difference to usual cover band is these guys use different arrangements and instruments (acoustic instruments mainly) which gives the whole story a completely different approach. This band knows how to party. I caught them while an outdoor festival in the medieval streets of a city named Staufen im Breisgau on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Due to the good weather conditions the audience was in pretty good mood and having a drink or two, you will get this impression too when listening to this recording. The Acoustic Fun Orchestra is doing shows like this quite frequently and you won´t be disappointed attending their shows.

Sound quality: quite good
Cover and label: included (A Trademark Of The Ultimate Sound Archive)

CD 1:
In the air tonight
Like a virgin
Killer queen
Into the great wide open
Find nobody else like me
Bluu tambourine
Every little thing she does is magic
Owner of a lonely heart
Music was my first love
Living on my own
Yellow lemon tree
I am a walrus

CD 2:
Billy jean
Beach boys medley & unchain my heart
See you later aligator
Baby i just feel right
Don´t got to france
Stayin´ alive
Männer sind schweine
I was made for loving you
Nur geträumt
Highway to hell & back for good

Coco Buchholz - vocals, guitars, accordion, kazoo
Thomas Klauer - vocals, bass, kazoo
Tilo Buchholz - vocals & drums
Lorenz Buchholz - vocals, guitars, charrango, kazoo

a) Big thank-you to Acoustic Fun Orchestra for this lovely outdoor show.
b) Please support the artist and buy his albums and visit his shows.
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d) This recording is strictly for f r e e trading purposes only and should remain as it is.
e) I am sorry, but my bandwidth is limited and I can´t seed 24/7.
f) But most important: Enjoy the show!

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