Acoustic Planet Tour
August 29, 2004
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Columbia, MD

Total All Four Discs = 4:30:16 = 270 min 16 sec

Disc 1 (Total = 51:51)
Sam Bush Band
1) (cut in) Miss Me When I'm Gone
2) Spirit Is the Journey
3) Band Intro's
4) Banana's
5) King of the World
6) Tuning/Intro Bela Fleck
7) Same Old Way (with Bela Fleck on Banjo)
8) Tuning
9) Funk 55

Disc 2 (Total = 77:09)
Yonder Mountain String Band
1) (cut in)
3) Left You a Note
4) You Left Me in a Hole
5) (instrumental banjo song)
6) Take Me To the Station (w/Bela Fleck)
8) Lookin Back Over My Shoulder >
9) (YMSB > KW Segue while stage is setup for KW show)
Keller Williams
10) No One Makes Me Feel Like I Feel When I'm With You
11) Can I Join Your Tribe? (w/Jeff Cothran from Flecktones on flute)

Disc 3 (Total = 70:34)
1) Sing For the Sinners
2) Love Handles
3) (Instrumental)
4) Five Long Years
5) (Instrumental)
7) Feel Like a Stranger (w/Jeff Austin)
8) Promised Land (segue into Bela Fleck and the Flecktones; first futureman
joins Keller, then Victor, then Jeff Cothran, and finally Bela)
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
10) (cut in)

Disc 4 (Total = 70:41)
1) (with Sam Bush)
3) Hippo Dance
5) Banjo Improv (with Bela Fleck and Dave Johnson)
Bela Bush and the Yonder Williams McCouryTones Band
6) Come Together
7) Stairway to Watchtower
8) (cut in)

Source: SP-CMC-4 > SP-SPSB6 Battery Box > Sony MZ-NHF800 (Hi-MD)
Conversion: Extigy > Audition 1.0 > CDWave (for track splits) > FLAC
Taped and Converted By: Steve Toney

Notes: I need help with some song titles. Corrections appreciated.

Sound is very good. I had the good fortune to be right up front, fifth row behind the
orchestra section directly in front of left stack. So I was probably 10 yards back from
the stack. This provided very clean and rich tone. Most recordings from Merriweather are
so-so but you won't be disappointed with this one, other than the fact that I didn't arrive
on time due to tardiness getting out the door on the part of my house guests and fellow
bluegrass fans...grrrrrowl.

So, the following are the glitches for this recording

- Del McCoury Band's full set didn't get recorded.
- I arrived as soon as Sam Bush Band was starting, so the first Sam Bush Band
song and the first part of their second song are missing.
- Can't blame this on my house guests, but I didn't get back in my seat after
intermission quite in time, so I also missed the first 30 seconds or
so of the first YMSB song.
- I'm using my new hi-MD deck and each disc holds 94 minutes of music. Since
the acoustic planet tour is a continuous set of music, I had to change
discs between songs and ended up missing the start of a couple songs because of
disc change-outs. This affected the following tracks.
* Song 2 from Bela Fleck's set (d3t10)
* The last song of the night (D4T08)