Acoustic Planet Tour
Wiltern Theater
Los Angeles, Ca.

SOURCE: duad/ 1st row balcony, just off center to right
AKG C1000's > MP2 > D8 >COAX >D7
By taper steve

Panasonic 3800 > coax > m audio 24/96 > Soundforge 7 > CDWAVE>CD.
Transfer by Craig Satzmann

tracking notes :
The seamless nature of the Acoustic Planet shows makes tracking
difficult. Yonder's set segued into Keller's set segued into
Bela's set. There are fadeouts/fadeins at the transition points.

Flaws :
The first 4 minutes of Hill COuntry Girl are missing as Yonder
started five minutes early.
There is a 10 second drop out in the middle of Bela's set
due to a tape change.

apart from that, this is a very nice audience recording of a
terrific show. If anyone can help out with the Keller setlist,
please post - i couldnt find one anywhere.

Yonder Mountain String Band and Encores

1. Hill Country Girl (Fades in)
2. Things You're Selling
3. Night Out
4. Mother's Only So *
5. Maid Of The Canyon
6. Classic Situation #
7. How 'Bout You #
8. 2 Hits And The Joint Turned Brown >
9. Snow On The Pines >
10.Jam into Keller Williams set + (fades out)

11 MaryJane's Last Dance (everyone on stage)
12 Deathtrip (Everyone on stage)

*Jeff Coffin on sax # Futureman on drumitar
+ Keller Williams on Guitar, Yonder leave the stage one by one

Keller Williams

2. Shakedown Street > loop jam > Shakedown Street
3. Girl from Ipodema > +
4. Portapotty +
8. Winds on Fire #
9. >
Jam into Flecktones set, Flecktones come out 1 by 1, Keller leaves

+ with Bela Fleck, banjo
# with Dave Johnston

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

1. Earth Jam
2. Kaleidoscope
3. Roccoco
4. P'Lod in the House
5. Throwdown at the Hoedown
6. The Whistle Tune
7. Chennai
8. Stomping Grounds