The Acoustic Super Guitars Reunion Tour 96
Al DiMeola
John McLaughlin
Paco De Lucia
Symphony Hall
Boston, Mass.
November 24, 1996
performance quality (inho) excellent
recording quality: B+ (very nice aud)
runtime: 127:43 (encore cuts)
1st set: 72:41
1: 4:58
2: 9:57
3: 9:13
4: 3:14
5: 8:23
6: 4:03
7: 8:19
8: 9:20
9: 15:10
2nd set: 55:01
10: tuning 1:14
11: 8:32
12: 17:21
13: 19:28
14: 8:25 (encore, end cuts, problems in last minute or so)
this magnificent trio played 2 great shows in Boston in
1981 and 1983, both previously posted on dime. This would
be their next visit, 13 years later, and this is the last
show of the U.S. tour. I first got this on cassette, then I
got a CD copy which apparently has no analog lineage in it
(DAT > CD (maybe a DAT?) > my CD) but also just the 1st set.
So I've used that for the disc 1 part of this posting
The analog copy is apparently incomplete too but it has
everything up to about (I'm guessing) halfway through the
encore song. I think both recordings come from DAT sources,
but the second set part of this is with
DAT > (maybe a CD?) > cassette > CD lineage.
Both parts have a CD extraction (WAV) > FLAC in lineage.
It all sounds very good up until the last minute of the
incomplete encore track, where there is some diginoise,
apparently from one of my last poor CD burns.
It's not too loud, but enough to annoy some, and I didn't
notice any of it before that. the cut encore annoys me
alot more, but this is most of a very nice concert, and
most of it is also of nice quality. I suspect the encore was
about 15 minutes long (the whole song), or maybe there was
a second one? I didn't see this show so I don't know.
It is quite possible that both the recordings come from
the same original source, and considering where the cut is,
it may very well be in the source recording as well as my copy,
if anyone's got it complete, go ahead and post it up. There
are several of these shows listed in etree but only one with
(most of a) setlist and there's no being sure this is the same set.
I haven't seen a single post from this tour yet, and to
quote Chick Corea (yet again), it's about time to fix that...
do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.