Acoustic Syndicate
Magnolia Festival
Live Oak, FL
October 23, 2004

Source: DSBD>Tascam CD-RW5000
Transfer: EAC>WavMerge>CDWav>FLAC

Recorded by Chris Mitchell
EAC>FLAC by Ty Chambers

Notes: Master discs were used in EAC>FLAC transfer. Sector boundaries verified using SHNtool.
EAC (secure/offset) log files attached.

# with Larry Keel on guitar and Bobby Lee Rodgers on banjo

1. Wake ~>
2. Just As It Happened
3. Bound
4. Prayer For Solace
5. Bluebird Train
6. They Come This Way
7. Carry The World
8. Boomer's Story #
9. Rainbow Rollercoaster #