Acoustic Syndicate
Orange Peel
Asheville, Nc

Source:SBD+House mics(unknown)>JB3
Lineage:JB3>Nomad>Audacity 1.2.4>CDwave>FLAC
Taped by Travis Viars
Transferred by Travis Viars

Disc 1
1. Fleeting Moments>
2. Neighbors
3. Sunlight Falls
4. Billy The Kid
5. Marie St. Lauriette
6. Water Of Love
7. Small Axe
8. Remdempton Song
9. North County Gilr
10.West L.A. Fadeaway
11.Ride The Ride
Set 2
13.Better For this
14.Cheek to Cheek With The Blues
15.Worried Man Blues
16.Terra Firma

Disc 2
1. I'm One>
2. Squeezebox
3. Critters
4. Pumkin & Daisy
5. Angel Flying To Close To The Ground
6. Midnight Rider>
7. Brown Mt. Lights
8. Try As I may*
9. Rainbow Rollercoaster*
10.The Pilot*
11.Doin' My Time>*
12.Seventh Wave>*
13.Doin' My Time*

w/ Jason Flournoy on banjo