Acoustic Syndicate
Play It Forward
Diana Wortham Theatre
Asheville, NC

Source:SBD>JB3(D1T1 AKGC2000>UA-5>JB3)
Lineage:JB3>Nomad>Audacity 1.2.4>CDwave>FLAC
Taped by Travis Viars
Transferred by Travis Viars

Disc 1

1. Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies
2. Billy The Kid
3. Fleeting Moments
4. Better For This
5. King For A Day
6. Marie St. Lauriette
7. Wake>Just As It Happened
8. The Rhythm Of Us#
9. Small Axe#%

Disc 2

1. Rainbow Rollercoaster#%
2. North Country Girl#%
3. Get Out Of My Life Woman#%
4. Brown Mt. Lights#%*
5. Intro
6. Old Shoes & Picture Postcards#%*
7. No Time#%*

#w/Jason Flournoy on Banjo
%w/Bill Cardine on Dobro
*w/Billy Gilmore on Mando