The 80's Live Vol 2 "Darkness In The Daytime" Adam And The Ants, The Cult, The Fixx (2x gorgeous pre-fm shows),Mr. Mister DO NOT SELL, OR ENCODE TO MP3 FOR TRADING PURPOSES This is Volume 2 of the 80's flood. Those of you who seemed *extremely upset* that Christopher Cross made it onto DaD might be able to find solace in this, 180 degree opposite kind of music. If that's news to you, you might want to read the entire comments for Volume 1. If nothing else, it's good reading. The 80's were full of dark kinds of sounds, and I have tried to bring you the best of what I have for this much larger volume. It features a fine audience recording of Adam and the Ants, recorded at the dawn of the '80's at the Roxy in Los Angeles, California. Adam and the Ants came from the Punk Rock movement in the late 1970's, but did not find much international success until 1980-1. This show is most likely from 1981. If you have an exact date, please let all of us know. To me, their sound represents a crossover from the punk style to the darker, richer sound of the 1980's. Next are the Cult, recorded live at the Ritz in New York on December 6, 1985. This is an audio rip from an MTV broadcast. The Cult's setlist was the only one I could not safely identify. They have a shimmering, dark neo-Gothic style, with traces of native American sounds in their music. I believe the setlist features seldom-heard material, if any of you could identify the tracks and leave a comment about them in the comments section, that would be greatly appreciated. Following that are two absolutely fantastic Fixx concerts recorded in 1983. The Fixx exemplify the style of darkness for which this torrent was created for. It strikes you like a dagger, right deep down inside of you. If you have never heard them play, the Ritz show is the place to start. It's an incredible performance. The Ritz Show is a radio-station master of The Source, which was taped summer of 1983 in New York. The sound quality is to die for. A note: This show is not from the commercial release, recorded the previous year! The second Fixx concert is a BBC Rock Hour that was taped at a private, invited concert at the City University of London, also in 1983. It's also from a radio-station master, and also has great sound. Finally, to round out the evening's events, is a show by Mr. Mister, whose larger-than-life catharses are played out right in front of your face. It's also a rip from an MTV broadcast from the Ritz on December 14, 1985. For the setlist and general research, I have to thank DaD member MisterMister. "thank you MisterMister!" General notes on lineage: All the shows, except the Cult and Mr. Mister, are vinyl sourced. The Fixx shows are from rare, mint radio-station copies. This means that when the radio station broadcast the show, it came from these discs. All the vintage commercials have been cut and the music spliced together. Pops and clicks were removed in Sound Forge, and the Flac files were directly made without printing a CD first. The Cult and Mr. Mister shows were taped on Hi-Fi VHS, directly from MTv in 1985. The audio was fed directly into Sound Forge. The Mr. Mister show had a bass boost (+4db<250hz) as it seemed flat. Flac Frontend was used, level 8, sectors aligned and verified. That's it!! Setlist: Adam and the Ants, Live at the Roxy, LA 1980-1 Human Beings Dog Eat Dog Stand and Deliver Must Be In My Heart Sexmusic For Antpeople Los Rancheros (you can't say that they didn't have a sense of humor after listening to this!) Ant's Invasion Killer In The Home Cleopatra Press Darlings One Price Today The Cult Live at the Ritz, NY 1985-12-06 Unknown Nirvana Unknown She Sells Sanctuary Unknown The Fixx Live at the Ritz, NY Summer 1983 Sign Of Fire Cameras in Paris Running Stand Or Fall Some People Reach The Beach One Thing Leads To Another Shuttered Room Saved By Zero Lost Planes Red Skies Liner Sinking Island (glitch in original) The Fixx Live at the City University Of London, 1983 One Thing Leads To Another Cameras in Paris Stand Or Fall Privilege Outside Saved By Zero The Fool Reach The Beach Running Red Skies I Found You Mr. Mister Live at the Ritz, NY 1985-12-14 Black\White Something Real (Inside Me\Inside You) Broken Wings Life Goes On Is It Love Kyrie Enjoy! A DoinkerTape