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Title: Persuasion
Artist: Adam Ant

Year: 1993 (Unreleased)

Label: MCA


01 [4:09] Persuasion
02 [4:02] Headgear
03 [4:22] All Girl Action
04 [4:16] Brain Candy
05 [4:00] Obsession
06 [3:48] Little Devil
07 [4:04] Sexatise You
08 [4:30] Survival Of The Fetish
09 [4:39] Charge Of The Heavy Brigade
10 [4:01] Don't Knock It (Til You Got It)
11 [4:34] Seems To Me

Tracks 01, 02, 03, 08 and 11 written by Ant/Marco
Tracks 04 and 06 written by Ant/Blackmon
Tracks 05, 07, 09(?) and 10 written by Ant/Marco/Edwards

Tracks 01 and 02 mixed and produced by Leigh Gorman (ex Ants/Bow Wow Wow)
Tracks 03 and 11 produced by Ant/Marco, mixed by Brian Malouf
Tracks 04 and 06 produced by Larry Blackmon (ex Cameo), mixed by Brian Malouf
Tracks 05, 07, 09(?) and 10 produced by Bernard Edwards (ex Chic), mixed by Brian Malouf
Track 08 produced by Ant/Marco, mixed by Marco Pirroni

All copies of this album are CDR bootlegs, and this was never even pressed. Only 6 to 10 copies of the white sleeve were ever made, and printed to a very high quality back in 1994 by a guy from LA who was known as "Novalark".
Earlier copies omitted track 11, Seems To Me, and contained a version of Little Devil with the "persons sitting on a bar stool" section edited out.