Adam Ant

and The Good, The Mad and The Lovely Posse

The Tivoli, Buckley, Wales 2012-01-22

Set list

Disc 1
01 Intro
02 Plastic Surgery
03 Dog Eat Dog
04 Beat My Guest
05 Kick
06 Car Trouble
07 Ants Invasion
08 Deutscher Girls
09 Stand And Deliver
10 Catholic Day
11 Kings Of The Wild Frontier
12 Wonderful
13 Vince Taylor
14 Whip In My Valise
15 Desperate Not Serious
16 Cleopatra

Disc 2
01 Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face)
02 Zerox
03 Ant Music
04 Goody Two Shoes
05 Vive Le Rock
06 Christian Dior
07 Band introductions
08 Lady
09 Fall In
10 Fat Fun
11 Red Scab
12 Prince Charming
13 Get It On
14 20th Century Boy
15 Physical

Band Line-up

Adam Ant - vocals, guitar
Joe - bass, vocals
Tom Edwards - guitar, vocals
Andy Woodard - drums, vocals
Jola - Drums
Georgina Baillie - vocals

Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 Microphones
Sound Professionals SP-SPSB-11 Mini Battery Module with Bass Roll-Off (69Hz)
Edirol R-09HR 44.1kHz / 16 bit
USB>PC>CD Wave Editor>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC level 8>Dime

The Tivoli was rammed for this surprisingly excellent show. I hadn't seen Adam Ant since
the early 80's at the now defunct Cornwall Coliseum. There was a great mix of songs from
all stages of his career and we also got a new song from a yet to be released new album.

Please do not sell this recording but share freely and enjoy it!

Any comments are welcome.