Hayes Carll & Adam Carroll
October 13, 2005
Third Floor Cantina
Bryan, TX

Source: Soundboard>Sony RCD-W3>CD>WAV>FLAC
Taped by Joshua Cain, tracked etc. by scdegraaf

Joshua recorded this show directy on 2 CD's (as 2 wave files). Because of the disc change a few
seconds are missing at the start of the second disc, but no music is missing.
I left the disc split as Joshua recorded the show (sorry Bri............)

Another attempt to promote Adam Carroll. Beats me why he doesn't get as much exposure as Hayes Carll.
That Hayes recorded one of his songs and that they played together says enough.

Disc One [01:09:57]
1. Intro
2. Girl With The Dirty Hair [AC]
3. Hey Baby Where You Been [HC]
4. Home Again [AC]
5. Rivertown [HC] <Hayes Carll/Guy Clark>
6. Banter
7. Low In The Mountains [AC]
8. Good Friends [HC]
9. Banter
10. Ol' Milwaukee's Best [AC]
11. Flowers & Liquor [HC]
12. Rice Birds [AC]
13. It's A Shame [HC]
14. Banter
15. Teardrops [AC]
16. Long Way Home [HC]
17. Far Away Blues [AC]
18. Little Rock [HC]
19. Cane River Blues [AC]
20. Take Me Away [HC] <Adam Carroll/JOhn Evans>
21. Banter
22. [AC]
23. Chickens [HC] <Hayes Carll/Ray Wylie Hubbard>

Disc Two [25:04]
1. Banter
3. Banter
4. Arkansas Blues [HC] <Hayes Carll/Anton Lada/Spencer Williams>
5. The Streets Of Baltimore [AC] <Harlan Howard/Tompall Glaser>
6. Wish I Hadn't Stayed So Long [HC]
7. Dream On [AC]
8. Sit In With The Band [HC] <Hayes Carll/John Evans>