Adam Rogers Quintet
Jazz Gallery, NYC, NY

Adam Rogers-Guitar
Chris Potter-Tenor
Edward Simon-Piano
Scott Colley-Bass
Eric Harland-Drums

This setlist has the same tunes as the show documented on db.etree:
I am attributing this recording to that description; I am happy to be corrected if I'm wrong on this.

1. Long Ago and Far Away
2. Phyrigia
3. Angle of Repose
4. Was/Cleveland

Decent recording I got in a trade from a musician friend who worked on a cruise ship.
He'd come to town once a week, pop into my shop and we'd talk music. I was really into Adams'
CD "Allegory" at the time (still am) and my traveling buddy was kind enough to bring this to me.
For my money, this was Rogers' most attractive ensemble; all here save for Harland played on that album (Clarence Penn was on the recording). "Phyrigia" is a classic, we get 2 more Rogers originals and a standard. Great players, great playing, enjoy.