Slim's, San Francisco, CA. USA
July - 19 - 1994

from Spacebandit archives

Rec Info/Bandit notes:

This is one of a few tapes I've pulled out of my 3000+ cassette collection before I gave all of those away for free to a guy I met just a few days before who was suffering from MS.
Think he's not longer with us anymore, never got a feedback or so. Anyway, hope I made hime happy with all those tapes dumped in my cellar...
As far as I can remember me and dear maddrax met a good friend of our friend during our stay in SF, went together to bar, drank him down the table (blame me, Peter!), but one day
close after that Grateful Dead trip over there, me or Peter or Thomas received a package full of tapes. Most of them were ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND tapes, a few DEAD tapes and this one.
Somehow this was buried in my tape collection for many many years and digitalzied it some two years ago. I wanted to spread it for the 20th anniversary of this show, but preparation
schedule for Burg Herzberg 2014 left me for other purposes and things. And now, in winter time, cleaning up my HD, there it is... and sounds as good as 20+ years ago.
My guess about the lineage... (as I remember a bit of the talk of that great guy in SF CA.)

Schoeps Mic -> SONY DAT -> master cassette -> most likely my cassette (MAXELL XLS 110) -> playback on Harman Kardon CD 491 -> Zoom H2n (all WAV 16/44) -> Audacity (edit+volume balance/boost) ->
WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND ...

FULL SHOW (94:53 min)

01. Intro/Fly -> (6:01)
02. Futurevision (4:44)
03. Inner revolution (4:13)
04. THe lone rhinoceros (4:49)
05. Never enough (4:28)
06. Rabbit manor (9:41) *
07. Adrian introduces the band (1:13)
08. May 1, 1990 (5:21)
09. Superboy (4:19) *
10. Matte Kundasai (3:50) **
11. KC tease/Adrian talks (1:55)
12. Survival in the wild (5:00) ***
13. Big electric cat (4:09)
14. Young lions (3:34)
15. Elephant talk (4:41) **
16. Adrian talks (1:38)
17. Burned by the fire we make (2:59)
18. Standing in the shadow (3:56)
19. The momur (4:10)
20. Encore call/Adrian talks (2:49)
21. Heartbeat (6:57) **
22. Trust (4:10) *

* THE BEARS song
*** tapeflip after 30+ secs, a bit of tape warble after...

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