The Adrian Belew Power Trio

(Adrian Belew-Julie Slick-Eric Slick)

with opening act: Nerd Parade

recording title: "It's Gonna Hurt"
date: August 24, 2009
venue: The Orange Peel
location: Asheville, NC, USA

This is a lossless audience recording
with unknown equipment direct from the
taper, who wishes to remain unknown for
now, but reserves the right to be known

Disc 1: Nerd Parade
101. Yr Drunken Holiday
102. Dead Air & Denial
103. Circles (Love Eternally)
104. talking to the crowd
105. ?
106. ?
107. ?
108. talking to the crowd
109. The Span Of A Life
110. One Million Wooden Arches
111. We Are Not Sleeping
112. Spies

Discs 2&3: The Adrian Belew Power Trio
201. crowd noise - Adrian talking
202. Big Electric Cat
203. Adrian talking to the crowd
204. a
205. b
206. Ampersand
207. Eric Slick's drum solo
208. Young Lions
209. Beat Box Guitar
210. c
211. Neurotica
212. A Little Madness
213. Of Bow And Drum
301. Futurevision
302. e
303. crowd waiting on encore
304. Adrian talking to the crowd
305. The Lone Rhinocerous
306. Three Of A Perfect Pair

Fade-in's & -out's are at the beginning
and end of disc 1, the beginning of disc 2,
and the end of disc 3. There are no fades
between discs 2 and 3 in order to keep the
Belew show unedited and continuous.

The picture included with this torrent is
from this show and has the members of both
bands and was obtained from Nerd Parade's

The recording title is a response that
Adrian gave to an audience member who told
him to "bring the pain". Listen carefully
to the end of track #203.

Please do not share this recording without
this file. Please do not reencode to lossy
formats for trading and sharing. Please go
to Adrian Belew's website and buy something.
Please enjoy.