Adrian Belew Power Trio
The Canyon
Agoura (Los Angeles), California
March 24, 2017

Adrian Belew (aka Loretta) - guitar, vocals
Julie Slick - bass
Tobias Ralph - drums

first set

01. Intro >
02. a
03. Men In Helicopters >
04. Young Lions
05. Pink Rose >
06. Big Electric Cat >
07. d2 >
08. One Time
09. Dinosaur >
10. Heartbeat >
11. Writing On The Walls >
12. Frame By Frame
13. Drums > Beatbox Guitar (includes a nod to the late Chuck Berry)

second set

01. Adrian's Grammy story
02. b
03. Three Of A Perfect Pair (includes false start)
04. b3 >
05. Neurotica >
06. Walking On Air >
07. Ampersand
08. Futurevision >
09. Boys Keep Swinging >
10. Of Bow And Drum >
11. Elephant Talk
12. Thela Hun Ginjeet
-encore call-
13. e

Recorded by -M-
Stood like a statue in the sweet spot which turned out to be about 20 feet back in the center
Bass guitar to the left, drums to the right and Adrian in the middle.
Nobody standing in front of me, they were all seated.
Doesn't get any better for recording.

Audio Technica at-943 pair (SP-CMC8) > SP-SPSB-11 (battery box) > Sony pcm M-10 @ 24-48
iZotope RX4 advanced & Har-Bal 3.0 > CD Wave > AudioGate Aqua (16-44) > TLH (flac 8)
Song information embedded with Stamp ID3 tag editor

what I did:
balanced - left up 2.5 dB
Har-Bal improved the presence and detail revealing the zing in the cymbals and the feeling of the bass.
Increased both channels 5dB reducing stray peaks to prevent clipping.
Removed loud claps with the vinyl pop removal tool @ sensitivity 6, frequency skew 0.9 hf, click width 0.8 ms
Only done in selected localized spots and between every song.
Some microphone handling noises were also removed using the same function.
Copy and paste took care of the stubborn noises.

During the show I could hear something in the club buzzing.
Sounded like it was coming from the ceiling which was a good 30 feet away.
Mainly centered at 695 Hz and a notch filter was used to reduce that tone.
So if you hear something during the real quiet passages that's what it is.

The venue was testing out new technology speakers.
No cones so the PA was the size of a series of 60" flat screens stacked in a rack.
Destined for a new club in Ojai called the Libby.
Sounded really good and the recording brings that across.

Adrian was having so much fun he was grinning all night.
Did an effect where he got his guitar to laugh at us.
Cracked him up as much as anyone else!
He stayed late and signed autographs and talked to the fans hanging out.
What a great attitude which helps make the experience that much better.
Go see him if you get the chance.

For historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial uses.