Adrian Belew Power Trio
The Warehouse
Fairfield, CT

A Kitty Lickin' Discs Production

Adrian Belew - guitar, vocals
Julie Slick - bass
Tobias Ralph - drums
Saul Zonana - background vocals (off-stage, usually from the front row)

Disc 1:
1. Intro
2. a
3. Men In Helicopters
4. Young Lions
5. Pretty Pink Rose/VentureLand
6. Big Electric Cat
7. d2
8. One Time
9. Dinosaur
10. Heartbeat
11. Writing On The Walls
12. Frame By Frame
13. Beatbox Guitar

Disc 2:
1. b
2. Three Of A Perfect Pair
3. b3
4. Neurotica
5. Walking On Air
6. Ampersand
7. Futurevision
8. Boys Keep Swinging
9. Of Bow And Drum
10. Elephant Talk
11. Thela Hun Ginjeet
12. e

Lineage: SP-CMC-2 (AT831) > SP- SPSB-8 > Tascam iXJ2 > Lightning Adapter > iPhone 6 > Twisted Wave (app) > WAV (Wi-Fi transfer) > Wavelab 6.1 > CDWAV > FLAC

Comments: After seeing these guys back in March in Fairfield, I had to see them again. I love The Egg, so this was would be perfect...except the show was sold out! Eventually, two tickets were released through The Egg box office two days before the show and I was fortunate enough to scoop them up (they made me by both, even though I only needed one). It was worth the effort, as once again it was a great show. Unfortunately, I was also very sick. I got some sort of bug, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. Through the combination of sudafed, nasal spray, tylenol and cough drops, I was able to get through it! I only had to cut out two coughs, and both were between songs so no harm done!

The recording came out almost as nice as my earlier show from March. Only difference was the mix wasn't as good here. I was seated directly to the right of the mixing board, but the drums were still a bit loud. It's a pretty common issue in the smaller theaters. This was my first visit to the Swyer Theater, as previously all the shows I saw at The Egg were in the larger Hart Theater. The acoustics seemed to be just as good as the larger theater, but the woman mixing the sound mentioned that the drums were really loud during sound check. There is only nine rows in the theater, so I'm definitely hearing sound coming from the stage as well as the PA. It's not a big deal, it's still a great sounding recording. I would definitely see these guys again!

Artwork is included in the torrent, with photos from the actual show.

Please share this recording in unaltered lossless quality. If you need to remaster, or something, let me know, and I can provide the undedited raw master (without EQ/volume tweaks) for you to use.

-- MP May 2017

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