Adrian Belew Power Trio

February 5, 2018
Cruise To The Edge (Day 3)
Pool Stage
Royal Caribbean Brilliance Of The Seas
En route from Belize to Costa Maya, Mexico

Lostbrook 2.0 Volume 235

Source: Church Audio CAFS>SPSB-12>Sony M10(24/48)
Location: Third row center

Transfer: Sony M10>Micro SDHC>PC>Sound Forge 10>WAV 16/44.1>
Trader's Little Helper>FLAC(level 8)

Taper/Transfer/Notes: Lostbrook

01 Intro (1:39)
02 b (6:22)
03 Young Lions (5:40)
04 Big Electric Cat (2:29)
05 d2 (1:51)
06 One Time (3:28)
07 Inner Revolution (2:51)
08 Frame By Frame (4:16)
09 Beat Box Guitar (10:40)
10 Three Of A Perfect Pair (4:26)
11 Neurotica (4:33)
12 Thela Hun Ginjeet (7:33)


13 e (7:44)

Adrian Belew - guitar, vocals, effects
Julie Slick - bass
Alessandro Inolti - drums

I was tired of standing from the two previous shows so I asked a friend to save me a seat for this one. Third row was a little closer than I wanted to be, especially when I saw the bass cabinets not far in front of us. Then, minutes from show time, I realized I had forgotten my earplugs in my cabin. Fortunately, my friend had extra cotton balls in his pocket (what are the odds?) otherwise I would have had to move back, not only for the recording but due to a mild case of tinnitus I recently developed. With the cotton stuffed tight in my ears, this entire show sounded muffled to me, especially when Julie's monster bass kicked in. I was sure the recording would be toast, just like last year on the pool deck with Tony Levin's bass. I was pleasantly surprised when I sampled the recording later that night, and now, after a good listen, I feel like I'm hearing it clearly for the first time.