Adrian Belew Power Trio

February 5, 2019
Cruise To The Edge (Day 2)
Pacifica Theater
Royal Caribbean Brilliance Of The Seas
En Route from Tampa, FL to Key West, FL

Lostbrook 2.0 Volume 272

Source: CA11(cards)>SPSB-12>Sony M10(24/48)
Location: center balcony
Transfer: Sony M10>Micro SDHC>PC>Sound Forge 10>WAV 16/44.1>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC(level 8)

Taper/Transfer: Lostbrook
Covers: ethiessen1

01 b (5:43)
02 Young Lions (6:26)
03 Dinosaur (3:28)
04 One Time (2:47)
05 Ampersand (5:17)
06 Three Of A Perfect Pair (4:27)
07 Frame By Frame (3:39)
08 Drum Solo > Beat Box Guitar (13:21)
09 e (8:13)

Adrian Belew
Julie Slick
Jordan Perlson

Having possibly deleted my Brand X recording, I was already having a rough day - this time the pause button almost got me. However, the way the recording starts, it's hard to tell whether or not I missed a couple of seconds. This is the "second to last" performance of the Power Trio before they morph into a quartet. I did not record their final show.

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