The Bears
Riviera Theater
Chicago, IL
WXRT Sunday Night Concert

Sorry to be vague about the date, but I taped this back "in the day" and was not too worried about anything but flipping the tape. Most of the XRT Sunday Concerts were from local shows, broadcast a few weeks/months later and edited to one hour. I could not locate a date on etree or on Belew's website. The DJs only say recorded at the Riv in 1987. Sorry. Any help would be greatly appreciated. With all the searching I did, at least I know this has never been released! Adrian also introduces song #11 as a special for tapers, because it is unreleased. So, no worries!

Lineage: WXRT Broadcast >> Master Tape >> Hard drive (wav) >> flac >> you.

Setlist (Needs lots of help here):

01) The Man Behind the Curtain
02) [Meet Me in the Dark]
03) Band Intro
04) Superboy
05) Don't Betray My Trust
06) Lone Rhinocerous
08) Wavelength (a slight static on parts)
09) (track from the Lone Rhino LP)
10) [It's Only raining on Me]
11) To Every Distant Shore (unreleased at the time)
12) Fear is Never Boring (?)
13) Figure it Out
14) Mommer
15) Purple Haze

Band Lineup:

Chris Arduser - drums
Bob Nyswonger - bass
Rob Fetters - guitar
Adrian Belew - guitars/vocals

Download, enjoy, disseminate. MP3s!!!???? Don't ask, don't tell (I really don't care, whatever you need to do to listen to it!).