Riverbend Music Center
Cincinnati Ohio
July 22, 2014

Audio Reality Microphone ARMIC 1 > Battery Box (w/Bass Rolloff) > Zoom H2N 16/44.1 > PC > GoldWave > Flac

01.Back In The Saddle
02.Eat The Rich
03.Love In An Elevator
05.Livin' On The Edge
06.Monkey On My Back
07.Kings and Queens
08.Toys in the Attic
09.Rag Doll
10.Freedom Fighter (Joe Perry on lead vocal)
11.Big Ten Inch Record
12.Rats in the Cellar
13.I Don't Want to Miss A Thing
14.No More No More
15.Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
16.Walk This Way
17.Encore Break
18.Dream On
19.Sweet Emotion

No eq applied, just a little volume boost. Tweak as you like. As always support the artists. Go see their
shows, buy their albums and merchandise.

Feel free to make album art or remaster if you wish but do not sell this recording or distribute in
lossy formats. Enjoy!