Aerosmith w/Jeff Beck
Angel Stadium
Anaheim, CA
September 12, 1976

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Quality: B

Train Kept A Rollin (cut)
I Ain't Got You

Notes: The famed jam with Aerosmith and Jeff Beck, who opened for the band at this show. Anyone else on the bill as well? Maybe someone here who went can clarify. While the Beck set circulates, this is all I have seen of the Aero set leading me to believe the Beck taper only turned his deck back on to capture Beck come out for this encorce. After they finish "I Ain't Got You" Tyler thanks Beck and then says "That Ain't all.." But it was for the taper who apparently stopped taping.
Found an interview online with Joe Perry about the jam:
Q: You jammed with him once onstage at an Aerosmith show in Anaheim back in the mid 1970s?
A: Youíre right, youíve been reading up? Yeah we did and it was my birthday and we were on tour with them and he came up onstage and played Train Kept A Rolliní with us and that was a moment Iíll never forget.
And a comment from a fan I found online:
"I saw Aerosmith in the 70s at Anaheim Stadium.When they started "Train Kept a Rollin" out comes Jeff Beck with a guitar and helped the boys play it.Thats the closest i will ever get to a live Yardbirds performance."
The whole upload is just a bit over 7 minutes, but a historical 7 minutes!!!