Afro Celt Sound System.

Botanic Park Adelaide stage 1: 2-17-01

No set list

The return of the ACSS to Botanic park, great,but immensely loud set, so much so that the next day the band had to perform with a modified lineup as the ear drum of one of the band had burst due to the volume !
James MacNally
Johnny Kalsi
Moussa Sissokho
N'Faly Kouyate
Emer Maycock
Iarla O'Leonaird
Simon Emmerson
Sony ECM 150 mic> sony D6 deck> TDK SA cas > soundedit 16 tracking and amplification > CD > mac pro 2013 remix, changed tracking , removed audience noise via spectral analysis and minor eq in Adobe Audition
Recorded mastered transferred by ggball