Afro-Cuban All Stars
Stockholm Water Festival, Sweden

FM broadcast recorded directly to analog input of a 'standalone' CDR-recorder.

lineage: FM (Marantz Tuner) > ADC (analog-digital-converter of Marantz CDR-recorder) > CDR master > FLAC (XLD-secure mode) > ffp files (with xACT)

please note: the track markers on the CDR master are not particularly 'exact', as these were put there during realtime recording of the show from FM radio.

01 Chan Chan
02 Amor Verdadero
03 Dos Gardenias
04 Murmullo
05 Distinto, Diferente
06 Mami Me Gusto

Sorry, I don't know exactly what musicians were playing in this particular incarnation of the band.

June 2011