Afro-Cuban All Stars
November 6, 2009
Arden Theatre
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
Runtime: 60:53

Broadcast: 'Canada Live' on CBC Radio Two
MPEG II, Layer 1 (192 kb/s, 48 kHz, stereo)
Recorded and edited at 44.1 kHz suitable for CD audio
Lineage: L-Band broadcast > DAB receiver > HD @ 44.1 kHz > edit > flac(lvl8)

Directed by drummer Juan De Marcos Gonzalez, the Afro-Cuban All Stars are the pre-eminent purveyors of Afro-Cuban music. Their 1997 album, "A Toda Cuba le Gusta", was the first to be recorded during the now-legendary Buena Vista Social Club (BVSC) sessions. This ensemble is the cream of the Cuban diaspora: Its members are Ignacio "Nachito" Herrera, pianist and former musical director of Tropicana Orchestra and Cubanismo; Yaure Muniz (Madrid); Igort Rivas (Curacao), and Miguel Valdes (Vancouver), trumpeters and current members of BVSC; Alberto "Molote" Martinez (Amsterdam), trombonist and member of the original line up of BVSC.

Enough said: This passionalte music speaks for itself (even if you don't understand the Spanish lyrics).

1 Idilio (Titi Amadeo) 9:03
2 Dos Gardenias (Isolina Carrillo) 6:28
3 Pena (Compay Segundo) 8:17
4 A Mi Papa (Igor Rivas) 9:04
5 El Cuarto de Tula (Sergio Siaba) 9:05
6 Candela (Ibrahim Ferrer) 7:51
7 Herido De Sombras (Pedro Vega) 4:31
8 Sabrosura Natural (Iram Millan Calvo) 6:30

Juan De Marcos Gonzalez - drums, musical director
Ignacio "Nachito" Herrera - piano
Yaure Muniz - trumpet
Igort Rivas - trumpet
Miguel Valdes - trumpet
Alberto "Molote" Martinez - trombone

CBC Radio 2 Production Credits:
Dan Cherwoniak - Producer
Corey Haberstock - Recording Engineer
Al Lamden - Recording Engineer
Ron Yachimec - Mix Engineer