The Afrobeatniks
Three Springs Plaza
Durango, CO
June 25th, 2016

Source 1- AT822 Stereo microphone
Source 2- Soundboard feed
Recorder- Tascam DR60D @16/44.1
Processing- SD card > PC > Audacity > TLH FLAC 8

Recorded and processed by billydee

One Set
01- Intro
02- Ghana 3:16
03- Multiple Origamis
04- Band Introductions
05- N'togoma
06- Decadent
07- Skankeando
08- Munchbox
09- La Plata High Life
10- Double Helixy
11- El Grillo Griot
12- El Vertedero
13- Banter
14- Cumple Tres

Total Time- 01:29:07

-Bradley Hoessle
-Danny Quinlan
-Alexii Carrey
-Chris Ross
-Skyler Hollenbach
-Dean Mullen
-Dr. John Petty
-Dr. Easton Stewart
-And Very Special Guest "Soriba Fofana"

Check out The Afrobeatniks online and go see them when they perform live near you!

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