Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir
August 2008
BBC Studios, London, UK.

Broadcast on BBC Radio 2 6th September 2008 for "Mark Lamarr"

**[BBC Radio 2 is an FM and digital broadcaster. Bit rate on DAB radio is
160kbps, DVB-T and Digital Satellite 192kbps. This is the DVB-T recording]**

DVB-T (192kbps / 48Khz) > Nebula DigiTV > Hard Disk MP2 > mp3DirectCut

Recorded and upped by paul_b35_uk

Non-continuous broadcast separated into tracks.


01 Chat I
02 Ten Thousand Years
03 Chat II
04 Go Back Home
05 Chat III
06 Chat IV
07 Nehemiah's Misfortune
08 Chat V
09 Dumb It Down
10 Chat VI
11 Chat VII
12 Fourteen Faces
13 Chat VIII

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5cd6c72564f8dfcb498dc4c8035d4dee *02.mp2
82ee2f85a933eff6564305a2f465782f *03.mp2
41aeda58b50c0d2ee210157954b16d85 *04.mp2
2634ca999c468bf40470dc0ec2473ad5 *05.mp2
7af694dbdd1da5000103faae1331e7c0 *06.mp2
360aa9ee0a46ce703973db8b8f6e84bc *07.mp2
e2198f0f8b8f94074ca38c9ef30afb4d *08.mp2
13918c587729ec1ff88286c95ac62511 *09.mp2
903bbac0dcb9da8524e93ae4182c33be *10.mp2
cbcdcfcc9e1fd40ce076fdf0345a897b *11.mp2
1fc1b0ece1ae9adf9a638595d8a8c5e7 *12.mp2
bd93f07a6f326eceaca6a27ed4d6ff13 *13.mp2