The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir
Lamarr programme
BBC Radio FM flac

File size - 217MB
Length - 38Minutes 43Seconds
Lineage - Analogue FM tuner - R1 - Wav - Cooledit - Flac TLH (compression 6)

Promoting 'ten thousand' S.A.P. Recordings, 2008
Also available from Outside Music in Canada, Balling the Jack/Bronzerat in the UK,
CD Baby in the U.S. and iTunes worldwide


01 Interview Pt1
02 Ten Thousand
03 Interview Pt2
04 Go Back Home
05 Interview Pt3
06 Nehemiahs Misfortune
07 Interview Pt4
08 Dumb It Down
09 Interview Pt5
10 Fourteen Face
11 Interview Pt6 and Outro


01 Interview Pt1 AMGC BBC 2008.flac:65aa3ecc8b5eac8880dfeb9484bedde6
02 Ten Thousand AMGC BBC 2008.flac:410187d8d52ad7412604dade60b2fb5e
03 Interview Pt2 AMGC BBC 2008.flac:67bad17357c6290006e3f579585e1b73
04 Go Back Home AMGC BBC 2008.flac:cba6e51308198733b3048772a9e46d12
05 Interview Pt3 AMGC BBC 2008.flac:fde21379842a5a2dede29dbd4298ec6f
06 Nehemiahs Misfortune AMGC BBC 2008.flac:78cfd00fadaa39d68b10e6831e2ea331
07 Interview Pt4 AMGC BBC 2008.flac:c324000ab72792a17e3dc966d31f3913
08 Dumb It Down AMGC BBC 2008.flac:e61d01d825f001bb73c2dd1078e2eb3d
09 Interview Pt5 AMGC BBC 2008.flac:a824405e1e3f99d9918da93392daa0c0
10 Fourteen Faces AMGC BBC 2008.flac:58e0b5dd71fd6cff2cd236c6a0e2114d
11 Interview Pt6 and Outro AMGC BBC 2008.flac:c6858636d32d999173d5538fdfd5231d