The Airplane Family
Rams Head Onstage
Annapolis MD 12-07-16

Source: Schoeps MK8/21 Midside at stage lip> Schoeps VMS02IB preamp/power supply> Sony M-10 at 24/44

Assembly: AA3 for fades, r8brain pro for 16/44, cdwav for tracks, tlh for flac8, mp3pro for tags


Somebody To Love
Let�s Get Together
Wooden Ships
Greasy Heart
It�s No Secret
Good Sheppard
Darkly Smiling
Fresh Air
Hesitation Blues
Plastic Fantastic Lover
Crazy Miranda
Count On Me
White Rabbit

The Other Side of This Life>
Fat Angel
We Bid You Good Night


Eva Gougeon-Avila
Darby Slick
Michael Falzarano
Joli Valenti
Mark Karan (encores)
Mark Slick Aguilar
Peter Kaukonen
Prarie Prince


- Darby Slick recites part of Institutionalized before White Rabbit

- No other eq, editing or normalizing performed

- midside width set to 8

- recorded and assembled by pooneil 12/16