Al Anderson- Jan. 14, 1989

1) Soundcheck

2) And When She Smiles
3) Boys Life
4) You're Gonna Be a Sorry Man
5) You Can't Go Back
6) C'mon If You're Coming
7) I'm Not a Faggot
8) White Lightning
9) I Got Your Number
10) Ridin in My Car
11) No Good To Cry

Encore of Danger Brothers- Big Al on guitar
12) Make Up Your Mind
13) Big River
14) Lets Try It Out
15) Give Me Something

Master Soundboard-
recorded on my Nakamichi BX 300 Dolby C Maxell MX tape > Tascam CD-RW 2000

I have seen this show on collectors lists over the years and always get a chuckle out of it.
My cousin was the soundman for this show and I plugged my Nak BX 300 in and got the soundboard recording.
The Danger Brothers were a local band from the Simsbury/Avon area of CT.
Their sister was married to one of my cousins, Chuck, his brother, Chris was in a band and had PA
equipment that he would rent out at times. When the Danger Brothers booked the show with Big Al
opening up at Geminis in Simsbury, Chris was hired to set up the PA and run the sound.

I included the Danger Brothers encore with Big Al sitting in that is not on circulating copies.
I only gave this part to one or two people when I first sent it to friends.
Three Danger Brothers orginals and Big River, the Johnny Cash classic.

This is EX++ quality ,the Al set is excellent, the last 3 songs of his solo set especially.

Notes above are Scott's. Notes below are Skyraider's:

Transfer: cd-r > EAC (secure) > WAV > Goldwave (adjust track splits, etc.) > Flac Frontend > flac

Thanks to Scott for sharing this great master. A version of this was shared on Easytree a while back, but this is a big improvement.