Al Anderson and the Floor Models
Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT
29 June 2013

Recorded by scottsays
SP CMC 8 cardiods > SPSB 8 Battery > Olympus LS 10
11th row--dead cente

Come On If You're Comin'
Satan is Waiting for a Man Like Me
Love Is Gonna Make It
Do da do
No Good To Cry
Same Old Broken Heart
Be My Woman Tonight
Trip Around the Sun
Every Time I Fall In Love
15 Beers Ago
These Strings
I Gotta Car That I Love to Drive
Not Cause I Wanted To
There You Go (Johnny Cash)
In My Dreams
Never Gonna Slow Down
It Was An Accident
I Want It
Better Word For Love
Ridin' In My Car
I Bleed
It Comes To Me Naturally
All You Ever Do
Get Rhythm