"Big" Al Anderson
"Got Myself In Trouble Again"
Poobah Reckids Bootleg

TRACKS 1-15 : Al Anderson Demos
TRACK 16 : Joey Spampinato
TRACK 17 : Steve Ferguson
Status: Unofficial release, status unknown

Track Listing:

01. Stand Still
02. Got Myself In Trouble Again
03. Out Of The Blue Nasties
04. I Do It All For You
05. A Better Word For Love
06. Say It Isn't So
07. You Never Know Who The Next Fool Will Be
08. Say When
09. When You Ran With Me
10. Everytime It Rains
11. Best Friends
12. I Want Your Body
13. It's Gonna Be A Long Time
14. Let Me Be Your Car
15. Baby's Gonna Leave You Tonight
16. Start A New Day (Joey Spampinato)
17. Cops And Robbers (Steve Ferguson)

As this is listed on Al website I went ahead and checked with the mods and...

This is ok to be shared on DIME, thanks for checking first.


jupiter2101, DIME Mod

so, enjoy!