Al DiMeola- guitar
Stu Goldberg- keyboards
Eddie Colon- timbales and percussion
Lee Pastora- congas
Eric McCann- bass
Chuck Burgi- drums
El Mocambo
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 17, 1977
performance quality: A (it burns)
recording quality: B+ (a little static but still nice listening)
source: FM master reel > CD
runtime: 60:47
1: Mediterreanean sundance 3:49
2: flight over Rio 7:11
3: midnight tango 7:39
4: percussion and drum solos 6:42
5: elegant gypsy 12:01
6: band introductions 2:05
7: the wizard 11:18
8: race with the devil on the Spanish highway 9:57
I have 2 different recordings of this concert,
both from the same source, except one is a tape copy
which includes all the announcer introductions, and
a disc copy straight from a master reel which has
no announcer in it but does have all the music.
So I went with the disc copy. It comes from the same
source as the delightful, but very offspeed U.K.
Toronto show I posted so I made sure this one isn't
also offspeed before I posted it. (It's not.) It's
not quite as good sound as that is, but pretty close,
just the slightest of static in some parts, overall
quite enjoyable, and a few months further along than the
April show posted awhile ago. this is the only FM show
I've heard from what had to be the Berklee Alum. Album
of the Year in 1977 (also "Guitar Player" magazine's
choice for same.)
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
When life gets this dim,
thank goodness there's Al
to get us through it.