Al DiMeola- guitar
Phillippe Saisse- keyboards and marimba
T.M. Stevens- bass
Eddie Colon- timbales and percussion
Robbie Gonzalez- drums
Wlodek Gulgowski- keyboards
Palladium, N.Y.C.
May 5, 1978
Sony TC-48 cassette deck with auto level, built in mike) >
master cassette > reel > played on Teac 3300 into soundforge >
CD > CD extractor > FLAC > torrentially yours.
runtime: 79:14
1: stage introduction :54
2: Egyptian danzia 5:31
3: chasing the voodoo 4:28
4: dark eye tango 5:14
5: short tales of the black forest 7:20
6: fantasia suite for two guitars 5:45
7: bass and percussion duet 3:08
8: Captain Senor Mouse 9:39
9: band introductions 1:29
10: midnight tango 10:01 (tape flip at start)
11: race with the devil 9:47
12: encore 1: the wizard and encore break 11:27
13: encore 2: chasing the voodoo 4:25
about 30 minutes of this show was broadcasted on the KBFH
radio series, but this all comes from a 1st gen. aud made at
the show. It's a burner of a show from the "Casino" tour, Al's
3rd solo album tour. It's also one of the longest U.S. 78 tour
shows I've heard (we didn't get the nearly 2 hour thing Stolkholm
got later this year in the U.S. in fact the band ran out of songs
to play in this show so after saying they ran out of tunes, they
repeat one of them in the encores.) This is the full show. the
1st few seconds of midnight tango may be missing for tape flip,
if so, not much of it.
do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
when life grows dim,
it's time for some of this kind of "dim" to kick in.