Al DiMeola- guitar
Philippe Saisse- keyboards
Tim Landers- bass
Eddie Colon- timbales and percussion
Robbie Gonzalez- drums
Vlade Kulgowski (from Stolkholm)- ?
Stolkholm, Sweden
November 11, 1978
filename ad101078flac16
performance quality: A (is for awesome! One of his best that I've heard)
recording quality: B (very good aud)
source: 1st generation audience tape
lineage: master cassette > my cassette (trade) >
played on Naka. 125 into soundforge 4.5 (to WAV) >
FLAC 6 > torrent.
setlist: disc 1 60:51
1: egyptian danzia
2: chasing the voodoo
3: dark eye tango
4: acoustic medley #1
5: acoustic medley #2
6: conga solo > captain senor mouse
disc 2: 49:51
7: meditterrean tango
8: band introductions
9: the wizard
10: ?
Al DiMeola is one guy I've had alot of interest in, especially around the 1976-78 era,
I got to see him 4 times, and this is the longest AD show I've heard (without RTF) that
is all one show. The folks in Stolkholm also got a very hot concert for some 110 minutes
or so. The unknown song may be (then) new unrecorded 1980 material, I know the Land of the
Midnight Sun and Elegant Gypsy stuff fairly well and don't think it's any of that. The 1st
3 songs are rather standard in length, then they stretch out some, the Wizard runs about 15
minutes and the Captain Senor Mouse is real long and jam packed, and would you care to
dance the Meditterean tango- for 25 minutes?! Not a weak number in this show to my ears.
From the mouse on it burns! The Casino songs aren't exactly lullabies either. Most of the
U.S. 78 Al shows were about 60-70 minutes, so this is about 40 minutes more Al than most
Americans (like me) got to see in 1 concert of this, a very good time to see/hear DiMeola
in concert. Thanks to B.P. for taping this, he did a good job, I did not notice any cut songs
in here at all. The mikes and deck were decent, not great, the recording is clean and has good
stereo seperation for an aud. Not sure where this happened, my guess would be the Konsertaus,
but there's lots of places good bands can play in Stolkholm. (so I'm told, never been there).
There is no indication on the tape I was sent, but it does sound like the entire show, and if
you like Al DiMeola electric or acoustic, you'll want to hear this concert (if you haven't
already got a good recording of it). Don't know if this has been seeded before, it's the 1st
time I've ever seeded it. Both my own Al 78 recordings did not come out well, but if you like
Al, I have some interesting shows for you that did come out well, one from 77, one from 80, one
from 81 and one from 1982 (plus a couple with Return to Forever), cuz I think Al is a 5-star
(and 5-torrent, at least) guitar player. He verifies thoroughly why I feel that way in this
show. I've never heard of "Vlade Kulgowski" before, he is not part of Al's regular touring
band (in the U.S. anyway which is where most of the Al I've heard is from) but was introduced
with the rest of his band in this show. No mention of what he plays, like all the others.
I've heard alot of Al, especially from 1978, but this is a unique show, many of the U.S. ones
don't have nearly this much extended jamming. This has to be one of the finest Al shows I've
heard from the early electric era, and I'd have to say, the best 78 (of about 6 I've heard or
seen). Not real close up, but not distant, somewhere between the two, enough to get a good
appreciation of a great show from Al's high-octane era. This was one of his first live recordings
that I heard, and it's still a major favorite of mine, about 27 years later. If you know how
to use EQ well, it may help some on this one, but I have upped this without any equalization
or processing, only to balance the levels out and reduce a few of the loudest claps between
songs. the Euros are generally very considerate (including here) about not clapping during the
music, we Americans are not always quite as good about that, especially at a hot show like this,
some people would be screaming during the hot jam parts. The Swedes saved their applause for
between the songs, and there wasn't alot of between song time at this show since the last 4
songs here are about 75 minutes of the show. This torrent is partly for Ricola, I know he's
shared alot of nice jazz stuff here on the dime, at long last, it's my turn to throw some Al
DiMeola into the fray. He and all others who like Al DiMeola need to hear this concert. 2
of the times I saw Al DiMeola in 1978 he was the opening act! Not in Stolkholm!
do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.