Al DiMeola- guitar
Phillippe Saisse- keyboard and marimba
Tim Landers- bass
Robbie Gonzalez- drums
Paradise club
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
October 2, 1980
(1st show of 2)
filename: ad10280Aflac16
performance quality: A
recording quality: B+
source: master ausience tape
runtime: 75:24
lineage: Realistic twinhead stereo microphone >
Sony 158 cassette deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLII cassette > soundforge 4.5 >
CD > CD extractor > FLAC 6 > torrent.
setlist: (what I know of it)
1: tuning
2: alien chase on the Arabian desert
3: captain senor mouse
4: egyptian danzia
5: Tim Landers bass solo
6: DiMeola acoustic solo and band introductions
7: beyond the seventh galaxy
8: dream theme
9: ?
10: ?
11: encore: race with the devil
This is part of glasnostrd19's Jazz Masters series.
Masters of jazz from master audience tapes.
No noise reduction has been used in this recording at all.
The only processing done was normalizing to balance the
channels evenly, and some ICPVR (individual clap peak
volume reduction) between songs. This torrent is certified
to be free of glitches/pegs/clips or gaps by Glasnost Radio Productions.
A very fine 1st show in Boston from the Splendito Hotel tour,
and a nice recording too. It's complete, clear sound, yet another
of my 1st 25 uploads that were in my now-dead computer but
fortunately already on discs (glitch free) from the master tapes.
Right down the street from where Al learned so much about how to
play guitar the way only he knows how to (Berklee College of Music).
it's a club gig, much to Al's liking as he comments in the show.
He's had a very good history in Boston concerts, and plenty of
appreciation. I hope to share that with you both in this and a
1977 Boston show I have on the way or already up. Anybody got Al's
1976 Boston show (one of just a few without RTF in 76) or 82, or
late show 80, or the other 2 Boston 77 (he played 3 nights of 2
sets each night, I have the 4/23/77, both sets, Elegant Gypsy tour
from 1st gen. aud.). If you like Al, electric or acoustic, I've
got some treats for you, and this would qualify as one of them.
Bandwidth and seed-space permitting, I have 4 Al DiMeola shows up
or coming soon, all different tours of 77-82, plus a few more
with RTF. Al DiMeola is one of the world's great guitarists, and
he likes to prove it whenever I've seen him. I didn't like the 2
shows I saw of his in 1985, very sleepy (especially for DiMeola)
but everything of 1983 and before has been really great music.
That's the Al you'll be hearing from me. I have a few acoustic Al
masters, the 81 is great, this is my only master of Electric Al.
Do Not Sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.