Al Di Meola & World Sinfonia
03 May 2012
~ 10:10 PM
Zappa Club
Jerusalem, Israel

*Incomplete FM Broadcast*

Lineage: Panasonic FM tuner > Zoom H1 (16 bit/44 kHz) > WAV > SD card > PC > Audacity (fade out, volume boost and tracking) > TLH (converted to flac level 6, tested files and created fingerprints) > Dime > You

Rating: 8/10 (VG-)
- The radio station had issues with the transmission from the beginning. (See further notes below)
- As always there's hissing and many in-between annoying commentaries.

Catalog: ANDY-005


01 - Introduction
02 - Misterio (sudden cut at the beginning)
03 - ?
04 - Mawazine
05 - Double Concerto
06 - Michaelangelo's 7th Child
07 - Turquoise
08 - ?
09 - ? (middle part cut)
10 - Passion (many cuts, song ruined)
11 - Caf´┐Ż 1930 (had to boost the volume more, so the hissing is more audible)
12 - Siberiana (incomplete, fades out)

*The rest of the show (including the encores) was not broadcasted due to radio station problems*

Total running time: 1h 5m 59s


- Al Di Meola - Guitar
- Fausto Beccalossi - Accordeon
- Kevin Seddiki - 2nd Guitar
- Peter Kaszas - Drums & Percussion

The first of 2 shows scheduled in Israel:
The other one is tomorrow (05/05) at the Binyamina Amphipark.
Attendancy was very good, the club was crowded.
For the 3rd time I had the privilege to see Al and his excellent group.
At first I planned to take my Zoom H1 and tape it myself, but surprisingly it was scheduled for a radio broadcast.
Looking back it might've been a better idea, since the broadcast was ended abruptly, before the show ended.
Nevertheless, this is better than nothing and it's quite enjoyable if you concentrate on the positive parts.
The show itself was fantastic, the guys were all very focused and tight in their playing.
Al's comments and little jokes throughout the show add a bit of spice to it :-)


Any comments/corrections are appreciated.

This recording was made, edited and released by andy988.

Uploaded to DIME on 04 May 2012

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