Al DiMeola
Majestic Theater
Dallas TX
October 22 2015

Source: SP-CMC-08s Card elements->SP-SB1(no bass roll-off)->
Zoom H4n 24bit 48htz >HDD>Goldwave to split the file> Audacity to resample to 16 Bit /441>
traders little helper flac level 8

Taper: whotapes
Section Orchestra Center Row C

Set 1
01. Intro
02. OneNight Last June
03 Flight Over Rio
04 Senor Mouse
05 Dark Eye Tango
06 Dinner Music of the Gods
07 Band Intro
08 Chiquilin de Bachin

Set 2
09 Acoustic Intro
10 Blackbird
11 ?
12 ?
13 ?
14 ?
15 Mediterranean Sundance
16 Black Dog
17 Midnight Tango
18 Babylon
19 Tangier
20 Song to the Pharoah Kings
21 Egyptian Danza
22 Race With The Devil On Spanish Highway

My first time seeing Al Di Meola and I was not disappoined. I went through a jazz period in the early 80's so a lot of this was right from around that time. I am not 100% positive on all of the songs as
I had not listened to his music in quite a while so any help especially in the acoustic set would be appreciated. The recording came out good but I will say that I am on the tail end of a bout with Bronchitis
so I do have a couple of spots where I was coughing. I tried my best to hold it to the between song applause and where possible I lowered volume on those portions.